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Rebcor provides construction or construction plans for multiple grocery chain stores. Located in Montgomery County we bring you the best construction for supermarkets available across the entire Nation. We care about our community and strive to extend beyond typical boundaries for a construction company by contributing to local economic growth, helping our partner subcontractors and suppliers, and participating in our local community. If you want to learn more about who we are, check us our here. Otherwise, a few of our projects can be seen below. Contact us now for a full list of what we can do to see how we can construct your supermarket in a way that suits you best.

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In terms of all building clients, supermarket chains are somewhat concerned about decreasing initial build cost, however, as owner-occupiers, they also take into consideration the long-term effect of investment choices. They utilize payback and life cycle costing assessments to ascertain additional investment in flexibility, reduced running costs or sustainability. Externally, the location and visibility of the store entry and its relationship with parking and public transportation are very important. As just-in-time logistics become more common, the location, size, and operation of the area which can be key to the efficient operation of a shop have to be carefully considered.

Parking, access, and distribution are key characteristics of the design alternative. In certain places, double level car parks are demanded. Most supermarkets have been serviced at night which necessitates suitable entry, turning and off-loading space. A shop’s target market will also influence the architectural layout of the outside of the construction, and the materials that are utilized, glazing systems, flooring finishes, which are partly dependent on location, target market and projected turnover. Before, planners have had a powerful influence on the overall look of retail shops promoting bespoke solutions that could be hard to extend or adapt. For the supermarket industry, which is traditionally in the form of single-story long-span construction, their inner layout is driven by the target market. The critical issues include the extent of the perimeter available for display, the collocation of display and preparation areas along with the positioning of highly services elements to utilize shared solutions. From neighborhood stores to supermarket chains, Rebcor intends to surpass our clients’ expectations by approaching every grocery store construction project with the maximum degree of ethical and industry standards. Together with our innovative expertise and innovative construction techniques, we offer a portfolio which shows our extensive expertise in this region.

We have the finest and experienced contractors that specialize in supermarket architecture plan design. When it comes to your supermarket store layout, our contractors at Rebcor follow the modern guidelines for creating a warm atmospheric, well-structured interior and exterior designs for your store. Our main goal for your supermarket’s layout is to always construct your supermarket to be convenient, spacious, flexible, and beautiful.

If you’re in the pre-construction stage and you’re looking for a construction company that can bring your supermarket design idea to reality, do not hesitate to give us a call at (610) 415-1130 or email us at We at Rebcor would love to partner with you, a powerhouse supermarkets brand and begin constructing your store as soon as possible.

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