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Rebcor works with property owners and management companies to bring them the best-built shopping centers all across the United States. Our process is professional and brings you your shopping center in a timely manner. Construction projects are executed with the utmost care  Check out what we have done by using the see our projects button below.

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From small strip shopping centers to 45,000 sq. ft. lifestyle shopping facilities throughout the United States, Rebcor has implemented and designed shopping center construction projects of every size and kind. Along the way, we’ve developed a wealth of building management abilities and knowledge unparalleled in our sector.

What Rebcor Builds:

Modern, persuasive shopping centre projects designed to optimize customer participation
Retail store and shopping centre projects in all sizes and configurations
Tenant improvements, build-outs, ground-up facilities, facade remodels, and beautification projects for landscape, streetscape, or hardscape.
Job capabilities in a community center, fashion/ speciality center, gym centre, community center, power center, regional centre, super regional center, or theme/festival centre
Customized projects to satisfy your particular requirements; such as pre-construction preparation, building management, design-build, facility upkeep and sustainability options.

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